Snow Sculpting @ Ham Lake Snow Bowl 2018 (Ham Lake, MN)

Preliminary Sketches and 3D Modeling

This process started 2 weeks before the competition.  The idea was to create something that had a high likelihood of collapse in order to learn for future designs.  The symbolism of the fox is representative of my current path in life.  I’ve also had multiple intersections with fox during the last 6 months (perhaps a strange coincidence).  The evolution of this design was also fitting, with the single fox figure turning into two fox tangled in play.  The sculpt was originally going to be a solo project before my brother was able to sign-on to do the event.  One fox turns to two.  Not immediately intentional, but it happens to be fitting to the narrative.

Competition Day

A relaxed start time of ‘Anytime between 9am and 12pm’ we started at 1030am.  Blocks were first come first served.  We chose to work next to some new friends and familiar faces.  Teams were allowed to work until 2pm judging the next day.


The Toolkit and Display Bench

We didn’t have spectators day one, so this was organized in a way that only we could understand.


Progress View 1



Progress View 2



Progress View 3


A total of 12 hours at a relaxed pace.  We could’ve taken more time improving our shape and proportions and maybe experimenting with more textures.  Overall, a fun event and I’m happy with the results.




A wonderful cast of sculptors.  Check out the talent.

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