‘Found in Space’ 2019 Vulcan Snow Park Snow Sculpture

A snow sculpture by Jason Quick and Jason Arney-O’Neil.


Who are the dogs going to love after we’ve destroyed ourselves?

Crash landing on a deserted island – Love and companionship jumps out of nowhere, slobber licks the brow, and the heart warms. The missing and forgotten have found each other.

Life is restored, dogs+robots rule the Earth.


Character and Story Inspiration:

I recently drove across the country with my dog, Suzy. I’ve made this trip many times alone. The trip alone becomes lonely, tiring, and boring. All of these woes wash away while traveling with Suzy. This starts the inspiration.
While visiting California, I stay in a house that would only be believed by seeing it with your own eyes. Each room has a theme, I stay in the toy room. Vintage toys; robots, space ships, little green army men.. it’s a literal Toy Story dream. Part II of my inspiration is added.

Early Character Design and Modeling:


Enter, Jason Quick:

Jason Quick is credited with giving life to the characters by creating the final design.


0800 January 25th, 2019, Minnesota State Fairgrounds, -8 Degrees

We chisel away the snow, 30+ hours over 3 days. Jason working the front, Jason working the back. A fantastic time with new friends and fresh faces. In the end we’re all winners. There’s no greater value than the joy radiating from onlookers given by the Frozen Sculptor.


Voted Artists’ Choice                                    Jason A-O.(Left) Jason Q.(Right)


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