The Wooden Dog

Oaxacan style Australian Cattle Dog.  24 in tall, carved from Douglas Fur.

Avila Beach Sand Sculptures March 2017

Late March, 2017.  I took time again to visit my favorite beach town.  Avila Beach, California – San Luis Obispo County.  I’ve now made it a goal to visit every 6 months.. I set tough goals for myself.  The Spring visit feels a little rusty after being frozen in at my Minnesota home.  I had…

Team JAO 2017 Loppet Snow Sculpture Competition entry

February 4th, 2017.  Theodore Wirth Park – Minneapolis. A week after my successful sculpt at the St. Paul Winter Carnival Amateur Snow Sculpture Competition I was excited about the Loppet event.  3 hours shorter (5 hours) and a couple cubic feet larger (4’x4’x8′) and working alone – I knew this was going to be a…

My 1st (Amateur) Snow Sculpture Contest Experience

January 28th, 2017 0730 hrs A chilly, overcast morning inside the front doors of the MN State Fair Grounds.  I pulled up with my truck full of tools and my newly adopted sidekick.  The next 8 hours dedicated to carving my name into the snow. The contest began with a preformed rectangular block of hardened…

Sand Sculptures – November, 2016. Avila Beach, CA

November 5-12 I was fortunate enough to spend time in my home away from home.  Avila Beach, CA.  Such a beautiful and beautifully small beach town snuggled in San Luis Obispo Bay.  I feel such a strong connection while I visit – because this place is filled with warm people who live in or visit…

January Sand Sculptures – Avila Beach, CA

This gallery of sculptures was made during the month of January in Avila Beach, CA.  It has been a warm, dry January and the people are loving it.  The sand is still rocky from the December storms that pushed in shells and stripped the soft sand.  The larger the grit the more difficult the sculpt…

December Sculptures

This gallery of sculptures shows my work from the month of December.  Some are works in progress and others are ready to be displayed.  I stretched my time between three different materials (Alabaster, Wood, Clay) and my main inspiration was candid portraiture.  I hope you enjoy viewing my gallery. Jason

Playing with Clay

Welcome to my first attempt at clay sculpting.  This is week one.

Travel BWCA Poster

This poster was inspired by Steve Thomas after seeing his work in a San Luis Obispo art gallery.  I enjoy his throwback style to travel posters.  I was hoping that he’d have a BWCA in his portfolio (since he’s from Minnesota) I couldn’t find one so I made my own.  Thanks for the inspiration Steve. 

Ambulance Graphics and Logo Design – Woodbury Public Safety

    2011 I was tasked with redesigning the ambulance graphics and logos for the Woodbury Public Safety in Minnesota.  The first photo is of the design following my project start.  This project went through many revisions and was finally accepted as the new look 6 months after start.  The heart logo represents the mult-response…

MAA Membership Flyer- Client Designs

I have a great ongoing relationship with Minnesota Ambulance Association.  Here is the breakdown of my most recent project; Designing a flyer. These are my own stock images and I’m also the model.

Ultra Medical Team – Brand Design

November 2013 I jumped onto the Ultra Medical Team as a volunteer Paramedic and then was quickly recognized as the new brand designer.  Short story; this was networking at it’s finest thanks to my friends in the Midwest.   Now tasked with branding an almost blank slate, Ultra Medical Team was a fresh new non-profit…