Fantastic Voyage. Minnesota State Snow Sculpting Competition 2018 (Vulcan Snow Park)

Fantastic Voyage

Yes, We’re Brothers.
Original sketch. The design came to me while I was boarding an airplane from LA to MSP. I had just finished a two week vacation in Avila Beach, CA.  The Kraken was on my mind since my go-to coffee shop changed it’s name from Morning Joe’s to Kraken Coffee.
IMG-0134 (1)
Original sketch from Tim Arney-O’Neil
IMG-0133 (1)
Original sketch from Tim Arney-O’Neil
We worked on clay models to plan out our first cuts from a block. The clay models were later on display for viewers during competition.
We started from a 8’x8’x8′ Block of snow.  The first cuts.  A 20′ chain and 3′ hand saw worked out the corners.


IMG-0159 (1)

Smaller chisels and D-handle shovels worked great for working out the next level of detail.


Truss joiner plates attached to handles were used to sand and smooth.  A steak knife and hatchet were used to deepen crevasses.



The final viewing before judging


In total we spent more than 30 hours working over 3 days.  12+ hours Friday, 13+ hours Saturday, 5 hours Sunday.  We didn’t place (18 teams), but we sure had fun.  Congratulations to everyone who sculpted and created something grand for all to see.  Thank you for coming out to view and for supporting the arts.



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