Forever West – Western Wyoming

Wyoming – Cowboys, Mountains, and acres of cattle.

I make sure to take the drive once a year from Saint Paul, Minnesota towards western Wyoming.  I usually hang my boots up in Jackson Hole for a night or two – and I sleep in my car a few places in between.  Wyoming is a special place ‘Forever West’ the latest tourist marketing pitch.  But not all of Wyoming is tourist worthy, most of the state is barren and open for miles (long-looong miles).  I suggest making your way to the far Western towns of Wyoming; Jackson Hole, Pinedale, and Yellowstone (Yellowstone is more of an area but has towns inside of it).  The trip can be made cheap by simply camping in your vehicle on the side of the road – or find your way into many camp grounds.  I can’t make any suggestions on hotels, but I have stayed at the Rawhide motel in Jackson, and the Sundance in Pinedale.  Both adequate enough for a night after sleeping in the woods.

This area can by covered in a week-long tip, but then again you can spend at least a week in each of these areas.

Grand Teton National Park – the mountain range will leave you speechless (the photo below was taken miles away and they are still quite the sight to see)

Yellowstone National Park – I suggest driving through during dusk (slowly) to see more wild life.  Things get very busy during the summer months and during the day.

Square Top Mountain – Green River Lake.  This is an easy hike and photos of the massive mountain can be taken right from the parking lot.  If you want a photo like the one below? Hike in about 5 miles and set up camp for the night.  Make sure to pack bear spray.

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