Square Top Mountain. Bridger-Teton National Forest

I took the Highland trail from Green River Lake Trail head. Traveled about 6 miles and set up camp just before the mountian.
BackPack – Orange to alert hunters. Hunters are very active in this area, make sure to bring orange during the fall and winter months.
Plenty of wild life to be seen in the area – Particularly well in the early mornings and late at night. That is when you will get the most activity in the open spaces.
A good way to attract bears is to sit in the smoke of your cooked meal. I don’t advise this in bear country, this was set up for the shot. I was eating SPAM by the way – being from Minnesota I thought it was a fitting meal.
Squaretop in the morning. Beautiful sight, and campsite.
A must have

for any camping trip! Instant coffee packs well and is a breeze to make. I just want to jump in it on a cool autumn morning.


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