Human Survival Tip: Cooling a Burn

How to sooth that burning feeling: 1. Remove yourself from danger 2. Cool the burn with running cold water 3.Cover the burn with a dry and clean towel or napkin 3. Take an over the counter pain reliever If you have a large second degree burn or any size third degree burn seek medical attention.

Carve those Jack-o-Lanterns (video)

  Another year has gone and passed and if you’re like me and you’ve forgotten how to carve a pumpkin, here’s a refresher. In 5 simple steps: Carving a Jack-o-Lantern.

Super Hunter – The Unfinished Project

A year ago I had collaborated on a film project with a friend, needless to say it hasn’t quite gotten off the ground.  I put alot of work into this short segment and wanted to get it out there even though the sound effects were never added.  I was able to add some royalty free…