Avila Beach Sand Sculptures March 2017

Late March, 2017.  I took time again to visit my favorite beach town.  Avila Beach, California – San Luis Obispo County.  I’ve now made it a goal to visit every 6 months.. I set tough goals for myself.  The Spring visit feels a little rusty after being frozen in at my Minnesota home.  I had a bit of sculpting practice this winter, but I still felt a little out of practice.  That didn’t seem to bother my friends that took time to visit with me.  Socially I felt like this was my favorite trip.  My friendships and connections grow stronger and stronger with each pass through.  I’m grateful for this kinship.

Here is a gallery of the sculptures I created.  Each took 2-3 hours to build and none lasted more than 12 hours.  Since I had a blank slate each day I didn’t have a running theme.  Their meanings will be held close in my vault, I hope you can find meanings within yourself.  Thank you for viewing.


Day 1


Photo credit Jay Olson Photography


Day 2

Brain food


Day 3

washed up


Day 4

the protagonist


A tough setting to work with


One Comment Add yours

  1. Cheryl L Fedder says:

    I missed you this March Jason!!!! Cheryl from Pittsburgh

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