Leo from Folsom

This piece was sold on February 14th from a buyer in Minnesota.

Folsom Lake
Folsom Lake, CA. This is where I found the wild driftwood. The lake has been down for some time now and has left a ring of wood at least 100 yards from the now shoreline. The picking occurred on Christmas day 2014.
unnamed (1)
The first photo before I went to work. I allow time and imagination determine what shape a piece will take. This guy was just roaring to be a lion from the beginning.
Eyes, nose, lips are starting to take place… this guy was a beast!
The view from my workspace. A beautiful vineyard in San Luis Obispo, CA.

unnamed (3)

Carving more and more into the nose, mouth, and eyes. I worked every other day and was sure to adjust my eye between cuts.
unnamed (4)
The mane and first coat of sealer added. The color is awesome!
A granite base and a coating of satin sealant, this lion is ready for his big day. February 14th.

unnamed (2)


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