How to Video: Lacerations

Retired Paramedic Jason Arney-O’Neil gives tips on how to clean up your mess before help arrives. Follow these basic steps to first aid a minor bleeding laceration. 1.Apply direct pressure with a clean dressing until bleeding stops. 2.If bleeding continues, apply more pressure. 3.Elevate your wound above your body. 4.Once bleeding has stopped, clean the…

Video Self Portrait

I’ve been wanting to make a trailer for my Youtube Channel, this will do for now.  A basic example of what my days have consisted of the last few months.  A self portrait – video style.

Human Survival Tip: Cooling a Burn

How to sooth that burning feeling: 1. Remove yourself from danger 2. Cool the burn with running cold water 3.Cover the burn with a dry and clean towel or napkin 3. Take an over the counter pain reliever If you have a large second degree burn or any size third degree burn seek medical attention.

Blues Festival Poster

I was tasked with adding color to a 2 color JPEG image for a concert poster by a local client.  Instead I gave him a vector graphic that I rendered in adobe illustrator.  Here’s the before and after.  Total time on this project was 10 hours after many revisions.  The bulk of the image was…

ManFit Minnesota

Feeling a little chilly outside this winter? Just find new ways to warm yourself up. Workout and drink beer.

Lay Down and Rest

My friend Diesel passed away yesterday.  At this point I can’t properly describe how devastated I feel with this loss.  Diesel was a loyal companion since the day I brought him into my home.  He was my shadow, my shield, and my best friend.

Carve those Jack-o-Lanterns (video)

  Another year has gone and passed and if you’re like me and you’ve forgotten how to carve a pumpkin, here’s a refresher. In 5 simple steps: Carving a Jack-o-Lantern.

Super Hunter – The Unfinished Project

A year ago I had collaborated on a film project with a friend, needless to say it hasn’t quite gotten off the ground.  I put alot of work into this short segment and wanted to get it out there even though the sound effects were never added.  I was able to add some royalty free…

Travel: Haiti

January 2 – January 6 I would bet that everybody has donated something to charity – money, clothes, food, etc. I’ve always asked myself ‘where does this donation go?’ – I’ve always blindly sent off items with the trust that it will be received and put to good use. I had to find out where…

Goodbye Woodbury Fire

I once worked for a city fire department, I had varying duties there.  One duty was to create a yearly slideshow showcasing some of our most memorable moments from the previous year.  Well, I was planning my retirement during the year I made this video, so I decided to make something extra special and fun….

Forever West – Western Wyoming

Wyoming – Cowboys, Mountains, and acres of cattle. I make sure to take the drive once a year from Saint Paul, Minnesota towards western Wyoming.  I usually hang my boots up in Jackson Hole for a night or two – and I sleep in my car a few places in between.  Wyoming is a special…

Square Top Mountain. Bridger-Teton National Forest

BackPack – Orange to alert hunters. Hunters are very active in this area, make sure to bring orange during the fall and winter months. A good way to attract bears is to sit in the smoke of your cooked meal. I don’t advise this in bear country, this was set up for the shot. I…

Cirque of the Towers – Wyoming

September 29th 2012 I hiked the Big Sandy Trail to the Cirque of the Towers (about 10 miles) I went alone and stayed only one night.  I would definately go back and stay multiple nights.  But I would also bring company. I am a novice photographer and was hiking the trail to get photos of…